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Want to hear what our other clients are saying!

Marty&Shannon With Blue

Clinets at graulation with there dog

I cannot express enough how grateful we are to have Cassidy Brattain and Fantasy Canines as the dog trainer for our dog Blue. Her knowledge, expertise, and passion for dog training is truly unparalleled. From day one, she took the time to understand our needs that we needed our dog to perform, and then tailored a training program that was perfect for us and Blue. Not only is Cassidy an excellent trainer, but she is also a compassionate and caring person who truly cares about the well-being of our family and our dog. She kept us updated daily with details of his training and was always available to answer any questions or concerns that we had. She’s was very patient and helpful as we learned how to continue training at home. Thanks to Cassidy, Blue is now able to perform many of the necessary commands , and has made a tremendous positive impact on our family life. He still has more training to do as he is pretty young and we will be utilizing Cassidy’s services again in the future, I would highly recommend Cassidy to anyone who is looking for a skilled, compassionate, and experienced dog trainer.

Sherry & Squirt

I highly recommend using Fantasy Canines! Cassidy is a very compassionate person and loves your dogs as if they where hers. She has boarded and trained my deceased mom’s dog that was never socialized with people (barked and growled at everyone) and in 6 weeks  of training she didn’t bark at people when we took her to the store. There is still work to be done on my part to build both our confidence, but at least I can get her out to work with this. I am looking forward to our one on one training to help both Squirt and I with our confidence working together. 
I am excited because Cassidy said that she would love to board and train Squirt with anything she needs to work on. She also said that she would love to board Squirt if I still don’t feel comfortable leaving her with family when we go on vacation.

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Jeffrey & Kenobi

Very friendly and and excellent when helping to train my dog. Willing to work with you on times and locations to meet for training sessions and does boarding for when you have to leave your pets for long trips with reasonable prices. She even takes your dog for walks to local dog parks if you ok it and will work with them on training while she has them.

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